Ride Portugal was launched in 2019, after having much success with our off-road enduro tours gaining us many repeat clients over the years, we decided to move the off-road experience of the Algarve to the tarmac.


This gives us the ability to explore not only the beautiful natural surrounding, but the exquisite townships, archaeological sites and beaches which are available in the surrounding areas.

Colin Schneider

Colin, 41, was born and raised in Germany, a natural entrepreneur with a definite case of the travel bug.  After travelling the world and living in places including the USA, Asia, New Zealand, and various location within Europe, came to Portugal on a wing and a prayer decided to venture into the moto-x game. 


He acquired his first sports business back in 2017, providing off road endurance tours and expanded the business to provide a successful extreme sports lodge that includes activities including enduro riding, surfing, mountain biking and alike.


In 2018 he met his now wife Maggie and together they have grown and expanded their reach to cover the Algarve region of Portugal. 



Maggie Schneider

Maggie, 31, was born and raised in Philadelphia, USA, another with the natural travel bug, venturing through much of the USA. Started to expand further into the world training as a Yoga instructor throughout the USA, moving to India for further training and spent 4 years in Thailand.


Maggie moved to Vale De Telha, Portugal in 2016 to take a position as a Yoga instructor in one of the best schools in the area.  After a few years teaching she met Colin and became an integral part of Colins life and the operation of the business.


Maggie uses her experience and expertise as a qualified instructor to deliver various types of Yoga experiences to the clientele who wish to participate in the classes.

This is not your ordinary family run business, it is an encompassing life style, even their 2 year old son is obsessed with riding bikes and sports!!